Join us for our 2021 Memorial Day Call

All are welcome to join us in this tradition of remembering and honoring.

CALL IN NUMBER: 1-701-801-6005 

We will open the call at ten minutes before the hour.

The start times are:

2:00 EDT, 1:00 CDT, noon MDT, 11:00 PDT

We invite you to join us

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National History Day students create historical websites:

Through our scholarship programs, we encourage our youth to participate in the National History Day project.

America’s Unknown Heroes: Saviours of China

Scholarship recipient Alexander Rupp created a website dedicated to the history of the Flying Tigers and their involvement in the China-Burma-India campaign of WWII.

You can visit Alexander’s website HERE.


Encounters and Exchanges in China

Scholarship recipients Christopher Pelligrini, Alexander Yu and Kelvin Yang (all Chinese students) created a National History Day contest website that documents other aspects of the Flying Tigers involvement in CBI.

Visit their website HERE.



“This documentary is excellent! It’s time we remember what has been forgotten.”
Nell Chennault Calloway

Join us in honoring the 250,000 men and women who served our country in CBI during WWII.

Watch the trailer for this documentary, currently in production. We’d love to hear your comments. After watching the trailer, please CLICK HERE to leave your comments on our Blog page.

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Scholarship Recipients:

Stuart Littman

Emily Mannheimer

Ethan Tubby