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Monday May 27th 2:00 EDT/11:00 PDT

This time each year, we follow in our Father’s footsteps to remember, honor and celebrate those who served in China during WWII.

This ceremony took place at their annual reunions. It is now held on line via zoom. All those who choose to support this tradition please feel welcome to be a part of this tradition. We will be remembering the following individuals:

Tiger Dad’s

69th Marty Oxenburg – founder of the 69th Buddies group & last man standing

Richard Goon – 987th Signal Operations Company

Tiger Mom’s – Marie Marringellie

Cub’s 69th – Cleate Meaders, Ken Littman

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Ever Wonder What’s on our Memorial Table?

Charlene Fontaine describes the items on the Memorial Table and what they represent.

Martin “Marty” Oxenburg, 1922 – 2024

Last man standing and founder of the 69th Buddies Group has passed on. Marty had a life that was full, rich, and blessed. Marty lived 101 years on this earth. He filled those moments with family, friends, giving and sharing all the bounty from his heart.

He served our country in WWII, the CBI Theater. After which he came home to be with his wife, Shirley and their daughter Judy who arrived while he was driving the Burma Road. Later their son Barry arrived. Marty’s career was in the personnel industry where he established a thriving recruiting business. He was extremely well respected by his clients and those he placed. However, there was a deep desire in his heart to connect the men he served with in China. So, he, along with Shirley set out to find all his ‘Buddies’ and bring them together. Their adventure started with a typewriter, white pages phone directories from the library, and lots of hours filled with letters and phone calls to each of the 349 men in the 69th DRS.

These are the shoulders on which we stand. To remember and honor Marty we are compiling “remembrances” and pictures for a commemorative newsletter. If you would like to share your thoughts and or photos, kindly send them to: with ‘Marty’ in the subject line. The contributions will need to be received by April  15th.

Charlene Fontaine, founder and Executive Director of the Flying Tigers 69th DRS Association, discusses the legacy of the men who kept the Flying Tigers in the air during World War II. In the news, GPS jamming and spoofing aircraft positioning systems, 737 MAX 9 lawsuits, Boeing quality actions, sustainable aviation fuel options, FAA and airline pilot retirement age, AV-8B Harrier phase-out, and a positive airline story. CLICK HERE OR THE BANNER ABOVE TO LISTEN.

Join us in honoring the 250,000 men and women who served our country in CBI during WWII.

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“This documentary is excellent! It’s time we remember what has been forgotten.”

Nell Chennault Calloway

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