WWII Flying Tigers of the 14th Air Force were young men filled with spirit and skill. They needed a squadron of ‘eight balls’’ to keep them flying. To this day they have been unknown, over looked and seldom acknowledged for their contributions. These men were the 69th Depot Repair Squadron (DRS). They drove THE ROAD and Flew THE HUMP!

Wings & Rivets is an effort to name the restoration hanger after the 69th DRS. Their adventures from Kelly Field, Texas to Kunming, China were a test of true grit, Yankee ingenuity and sheer determination. Their mission: re-worked, re-designed and created out of nothing, parts to ‘keep ‘em flying!’.

Chennault Aviation Museum and Historical Park located in Monroe. Louisiana has a restoration hanger. There is a group of dedicated volunteers that painstakingly rework and preserve the aircraft and equipment used in WWII as well as those from recent years. This amazing ‘hanger squad’ stand on the shoulders of the 69th DRS and all those ‘Maintainers’ of the past. The restoration of these pieces of history is a costly endeavor.

Wings & Rivets Project is twofold. First, it will name the restoration hanger after the 69th DRS. Second, all the monies raised will be donated to the Chennault Aviation Museum to fund the cost of restoring these historic treasures. Our goal is $200,000. We are requesting that you share this information, go to our website to donate by clicking the Wings & Rivets button to support this mission.

The Chennault Aviation Museum and Park in Monroe, Louisiana is a special place that has many missions. One mission unfolds in the Restoration Hanger. The work is done by volunteers whose passions are planes and history. They honor Gen. Claire Chennault and his Flying Tigers with the work they do by restoring various types of aircraft and machinery from several eras of flight.

Nell Chennault Calloway is the CEO and Granddaughter of Gen. Chennault. She oversees the expansion of this facility. The growth and plans make this an exciting destination for visitors of all ages: those who love history, aircraft and WWII. It is all about education, military service and much more. Admission is free to the public.

Flying Tigers 69th DRS Association has requested the rights to name this hanger after the 69th DRS (Depot Repair Squadron). This project is to honor and remember the work they did in China, to carry on their legacy, the part they played to keep the planes flying over CBI and the perils they faced with the elements to arrive in Kunming to keep the air supply lines open.

The monies donated to this mission will go toward the naming rights for the Chennault Museum 69th DRS restoration hanger. All donations will go to the restoration of the aircraft and machinery at the Museum and Park. Total funding needed is $200,000

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Thank you in advance for supporting our missions to educate and preserve the history of the Flying Tigers and CBI!