“The Forgotten War: China, Burma, India”

“THE FORGOTTEN WAR: China, Burma, India”

Join us in honoring the 250,000 men and women who served our country in CBI during WWII.

Watch the trailer for this documentary, currently in production.

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10 Replies to ““The Forgotten War: China, Burma, India””

  1. Preserving history is a calling of the heart to remember those who served and sacrificed for the cause of freedom and justice.
    We are driven to preserve history, to prevent it from being lost in the future, so the service and sacrifice of the few for the many will not be forgotten.

  2. This is a part of WWII that has never been properly told. Most of the stories about WWII focus on Europe and Japan and even though the name “Flying Tigers” has become an icon, the story of their creation and exactly what they did during the war is largely untold. As part of the production team, I’ve learned things about CBI (China-Burma-India) that I never knew and that were very interesting. This documentary will tell the CBI and Flying Tigers story accurately and preserve a part of history that will honor more than 250,000 brave individuals who bravely served our country.

    1. I hope that you will have a look at my book, A Few Planes for China, Birth of the Flying Tigers ( UPNE, November 2017) which looks specifically at how and why the AVG was established in 1940-1941 ) The book is based on entirely new evidence from primary sources about the diplomatic intrigue between British US and Chinese officials that shaped the organization of the AVG. right up to Pearl Harbor. i hope you will find it off use. Eugenie Buchan

      1. Hello Eugenie…
        thank you for your information on this informative book. My research has taken me down many paths as well that tells a bit of a different story. So we share a common thread with all of this AVG Tiger data. Have you read The Shadow Tiger by Billy McDonald? If not then you might like to know of it as well.
        Our main focus for the book/documentary is on the 14th Army Air Force Flying Tigers and the many other organizations from ALL of the countries that had a part before Pearl Harbor, during WWII in CBI and at the end. My position is the Exec Dir of this organization. The Forgotten War is my brain child & baby. If you are interested in connecting please does so via our site or my email: flyingtigercubs@gmail.com. Thank you again for sharing and most of all for the tremendous effort you have placed in time & heart in your book!

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