Charlene Fontaine is the Executive Director of the Flying Tigers 69th DRS Association, Inc. Her focus in carrying their legacy forward will be shown in the trailer for the documentary: ‘The Forgotten War: China-India-Burma’. In the early ‘40s there was a loud roaring over the skies of China. This aircraft was the P-40 made famous by the AVG Flying Tigers. Their nose art was that of shark’s teeth. It was also flown by the 14th AF Flying Tigers.  All serving under the command of Claire Lee Chennault. These two infamous groups of flyboys and ground crews were not the only ones who played havoc in the P-40 with the enemy of all peoples in CBI, Japan.

Charlene will share the history of other squadrons who flew the P-40s. Come learn more about those who served, both men & machines in the Forgotten War of CBI.

Charlene’s father, Stewart Fontaine was a Staff Sargent in the 69th DRS in Kunming. This has been her dream to create a living legacy to honor and remember the 250,000 who served in CBI.  She does extensive research with Flying Tigers, CBI veterans, and their families, travels to China and U.S. Air Force Bases, and speaks at educational institutions, military and civic organizations to ensure the history of these esteemed people will be not be forgotten.  For further details as to how the 69th is carrying  the Tigers’ legacy forward go to: