Hello to all….Happy Veterans Day!  

This time of the year evokes memories and stories from our Dads, Uncles and Grand Dads.  A few of our Executive Board members have shared their thoughts. 

On Veteran’s Day, as on all days of the year, we need to honor all those men and women who served their country.  I especially honor my father, Sgt. Henry Finkelstein, who served in World War II with the 69th DRS of the Flying Tigers, and that is why I believe in and participate in the 69th DRS Association so that his contribution and those of his comrades is not forgotten.  I have fond memories of marching with him, he is in his Army Air Corps uniform, in Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day parades.  There is a spirit and a bond between those who served this country that can never be broken in life or in death.  Bill Finkelstein

Being a Flying Tiger Cub to me is all about “Leaving a legacy “.  My dad left a lasting legacy for my sister and I as a member of the Flying Tiger 69th DRS serving in Kunming China during WWII and I in turn want to make sure that I share that legacy with my children and grandchildren!  Passing on a wonderful legacy….!  Ron Stukey son of Tom Stukey

Being a cub and participating in the 69th DRS Association is a way for me to stay connected and remember my Grandfather, Harry White, who passed in 2002.  Harry was a wonderful storyteller and his experience in the CBI was something that he talked about regularly.  Being able to help maintain that history, even in a small way, is important to me and helps me remember Harry.  My involvement also is a way for me to make a connection between my children and their great-grandfather.   Dave Lebisky 

Being a Cub to me is I have the blood of tradition, honor, respect, loyalty, ‘can do!’, a family that remembers, cares, and loves.  It is an honor to be a decedent of a Flying Tiger.  Charlene Fontaine daughter of Stu Fontaine

Share your memories by posting a comment.  We so love and appreciate our military and their family.  Each one carries the traditions forward so history lives on. 

Thank you …Ding Hao!